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Personal Development

Awaken your full potential

Bryan Dodge can teach you simple steps to success. Consistently following these steps will help you remove what doesn’t matter from your life so you can make room for what does. Look around you: Who and what is influencing you? Are these influences negative and disruptive, or are they positive and uplifting? Choose to move beyond the bad news, attitudes and excuses that hold people back. This year, join with Bryan to move steadily forward!

Steps to success

Step 1

Know who you are—discover where your talents lie, so you can start doing what you love. Sign up below.

Step 2

Know where you want to go—eliminate those habits that keep you from focusing on your priorities and goals.

Step 3

Positivity—surround yourself with like-minded people.

Step 4

Act with intention—each month focus on one simple, achievable goal. This year, success is reflected in quality, not quantity!

Step 5

Accountability—sign up for Bryan’s private Facebook group, where you can share your experiences, challenges and best practices in a supportive and affirming environment.

What are people saying about Bryan Dodge?

"I must tell you, Bryan changed a few lives with his amazing presentation! I have heard probably over 100 speakers over the years (including Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale , and others) and up until Bryan came and spoke to my group this week, my favorite of all time was Brian Tracy ! Well my favorite now is still a Bryan but it ends with Dodge!!!

I have never had so many of my people so satisfied, so inspired to change some things, so touched emotionally, so fed motivationally, WOW !!!!!!!

I found one of my managers in the parking lot crying his eyes out , thinking he had disappointed me after hearing some truths about putting people in the right places ! I just embraced him and said buddy you just got blessed by a master ,and those tears can be happy tears , as you now know how to do it the right way!

I have founded two successful companies in my career and consider myself a good speaker, motivator and mentor. However, I could only dream of affecting a group of people like Bryan did in his two hour session. I want him at every meeting from now on! I now consider it one of my very best decisions. Absolute life changing event!

  • Larry Sutton
  • Founder and President

“Bryan was able to help us cut through the clutter and distractions of everyday problems and get us to focus on bettering our relationships with our families and employees. Bryan’s family-first approach creates strong relationships that have allowed my business and family to prosper.”

  • Brandon Hilyer
  • Colorvision
  • Manager

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