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Where does energy come from …

How many times have you said “There’s just not enough time in the day" or "I would get so much more done if I just had more energy.”

For a moment, let’s take a step back and really evaluate where energy comes from and if you’re hurting or helping yourself.


First let’s look at the obvious go-to indicator of energy development. That would be the physiological side that produces or reduces energy depending on what your body is given. Without going into too much detail, (this alone could be another blog post) let me ask you one simple question.

Are you putting food in your body that helps or hurts you, like processed versus whole foods? Are you being proactive or reactive with your food choices? Are you wondering why you run out of energy and want to take a nap at 3PM?

I encourage you to really start evaluating what you put in your body. Reach out for help if needed, and start making better choices rather than a reactive, “I’ll just pick up something on the way home”. This does absolutely zero for you, and deep down you probably know this.

Time Management – Rest and Relaxation

Secondly, how are you managing your time?

You’ve heard me say on numerous occasions; “Life will either happen with you in control and in the driver’s seat, or growing roots and having no control in the back seat.”

In January we spoke about making a NO list which really is the first thing to do when creating rest and relaxation time. In our everyday culture, it’s easy to fill a schedule up faster than a simple cup of coffee, however it’s imperative that we make time for daily rest, and know what really gives you that rest. For example, I find that watching television every night really isn’t restful or relaxing to me at all. I’d rather be reading a book to be honest. I guess it’s entertaining and I enjoy “shutting my brain down” for a while, but at the end of the day getting to bed earlier is the more responsible decision, and gives me the actual rest my body requires.

Isn’t it funny how challenging it is to find time to exercise, or do something active, as opposed to plopping down on the couch and turning on the tube. Being active, and getting the blood flowing doesn’t need to be a dreaded hour long endeavor, and shouldn’t even be viewed as a chore. We’re talking about doing something vigorous for 20 minutes a day, that’s it! It’s an investment in yourself, and one that will pay huge dividends over the long haul!

Let’s turn back the tide of complacency and develop healthy lifestyle changes that promote strength, stamina, alertness, and quality of life!

Our Mental State

Your mind is a very powerful tool. Negativity is just flat out exhausting. When you train your mind to look for the good rather than the bad, this fuels your energy levels. The same way a week-long vacation can fly by because you’re having the time of your life, a stressful week at work can feel like a never-ending eternity. Our mental state can either work for us, or against us. It’s really that simple.

What’s one thing you can do to help your energy levels, something you can change and execute this week? Will you be a person that “lives in a rut” or will you be the pro-active person that is trending upward, always wanting to grow, consistently making better decisions, and mindful of what your body needs to flourish?

Where do you want to be, and what’s your next life-changing decision?