Life’s Ups and Downs

Today I want to address one of the most important disciplines in life – learning to have peace. One of my former professors once stated, “If you are not in a challenging situation, you have one coming.” We are either going into or coming out of challenges in life. The true success in life is to have peace before, during, and after each situation.

A common statement I often hear is: “As soon as I get through this problem, I will have more peace in my life.” Unfortunately, that is not the way life works. As soon as you finish with one challenge, another one finds you. The key is to make a daily choice to be led by peace. We must allow the inner tranquility that comes from peace to rule our lives. Not doing so will upset inner balance and result in a loss of good judgement. This is why we need one another like never before for advice and guidance.

In every one of my live programs around the country, I state that the greatest asset a company has is its people. We can have a huge impact on other people’s lives if we focus on helping them achieve peace. Think about it-- we work harder at our jobs than in the past, we take fewer and shorter vacations while investing more and more time at work. We must never forget to make time for ourselves and recharge those batteries. This keeps our own inner serenity in-tact, and at the same time gives us the strength to reach out to others. By keeping our lives balanced and staying well-rested, we will then be in the position to ask, “How much time did I invest today helping others?”

I have literally asked this question to individuals before and the surprising response was, “It doesn’t really make a difference.” But it does, it makes all the difference in the world! Think about it – what did you do yesterday, and what have you done today, to make a difference in someone’s life? Young people today are faced with a variety of moral questions and major life decisions. They need help answering such questions as: “What is right and wrong in this situation?” “Where should I go to college?” “Is this the right person for me?” “What career should I choose?” These are real questions that will not go away and they can be difficult to answer. Unfortunately, many people try to live life independent from peace and they end up with broken dreams and a broken life.

Can you imagine what life would be like if we all had inner tranquility? Peace is a very powerful tool, when you have the discipline to implement it. Distractions, such as television and video games, are and have become a large part of our existence. They can provide short-term entertainment, but if abused, they destroy the foundations of personal peace. We can have a much more fulfilled life when we look within ourselves and develop qualities that make us better servants of others.

Repeat after me: “I can be led by peace!” It is your choice. Why would you choose any other way? I believe too many people have forgotten the internal power that comes from developing a sense of serenity. I believe that we naturally have it built into our hearts, but if we want to unlock the full potential of a peaceful demeanor, we need to make a concentrated effort to cultivate it. We must accomplish this goal despite our mistakes. Keep in mind, the vast majority of mistakes are merely challenges that we have the opportunity to solve, rarely are they personal. Try not to confuse the possible consequences of a mistake with the mistake itself. To retain perspective, as you should learn from keeping a personal diary, simply ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen?” The answer will often diminish your fear because the worst that can happen may not be that bad. In the rare case that the worst that can happen is something terrible, accepted it and focus on the solution.

Maintain calmness and use the energy it provides to stay alert as you explore your options and possibilities.

I hope you will share this post with those closest to you. Life is good (when peace is the foundation).