Do You Have a Vision?

The key to a successful life depends on your ability to create a personal vision. Not just a business vision, but a vision that will inspire you and those who depend on you. Now is the time when you must understand the need of a clear vision for your life—the reason you get up early and stay up late.

When your vision is clear, you find the energy you need to move your life forward, building a better you. You need to understand who you are and not try to sanitize everything and make it acceptable to everybody so that absolutely nobody could possibly be offended about anything. That’s not what the good life is all about! That’s not what beliefs and values are about. Beliefs and values are about knowing who you are and being able to accept other people as they are, without changing yourself and your vision.

A very close friend of mine has lost his ability to see, and over the past two years, they have removed both of his legs. He always reminds me that “they might have taken my ability to see, and my two legs, but they will never take my ability to have a vision and to move forward.” I see people in my programs every day who have perfect sight and two good legs. But they don’t have a vision or the ability to step forward. Why is that? Because people without vision cannot appreciate what they have until they lose it. Because they live an average life, average people only appreciate what they have after they lose it. I ask of you, please don’t live an average life. Life is too short to be average and too long not to find the good in your life.

People who live a good life understand that it’s not necessarily about having a concrete vision of what the end will be like. It’s about embracing the process of what you are willing to go through to get to where you belong. Your calling is to lead your own life by your own vision, so you end up somewhere specific. The first step towards that goal is who you are and why you are special. The second step is, knowing where you’re going and what your picture is for the future. And the third step is figuring out what will guide your behavior so you can specify your values. It is when your values match your vision the direction is clear.

That is why I do what I do every day in company meetings or on the radio each week. It is to remind you that it is your choice and it matters today more than ever. Choose your vision so you end up building a better you during your life. That is my word for you this month.

The Good Life Rules! Bryan Dodge

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Steps for Moving Forward (3rd Step)

Third step forward:

America today has witnessed and continues to see more evidence of the true blindness of greedy people to their own materialism. It is important that you watch the front and back doors of your life when it comes to being on guard against all kinds of greed. Greed is not only love of possessions or power, but excessive anxiety about it. How do you know if it is a drive within you or greed? It is a fine line, trust me. If it comes from the outside, be very careful, because the ability to be greedy is in all humans. Learn not to feed it; it will not die, but it will be less likely to grow. Be very careful; we can drift toward greediness without even knowing it.

The Good Life Rules!

Bryan Dodge

Steps for Moving Forward

The economic meltdown has cast a very cold and harsh light on the pursuit of success, power, and money. It was only months ago that I witnessed, both personally and through others, fortunes and careers that were wiped out overnight. It’s no wonder so many of us feel lost, alone, and resentful due to a lack of trust in the “system.” But the truth is that those were things that made people look good on the outside. What’s on the inside is what matters most, both today and in the years to come. That is why I’m on an airplane at this moment, heading to another event to remind people to make better choices so they will have a better life.

To have a better life now, you have to revive the power of your own hope – not hope in a system or hope in what others can do for you. I’m talking about the hope in yourself and what you can do to make America a better place to call home. Always remember that you should first look inward before you look outward; hope comes from what’s inside of you, not what people see on the outside.

Maybe, just maybe, what has happened to our economy is a way of reminding us that previous generations were not as individualistic as ours today. It is without a doubt that we live in a “ME-based” society, rather than a “WE-based” society. Generations before us understood that hopes and dreams were more for the family and society as a whole, rather than for their own personal success. Since everyone was together as a family, and no one lived apart from the family, values such as success were only sought for the entire family. How times have changed! Perhaps, we have been forcefully reminded that we can change for the better by learning from the past and embracing the new norm in our economy. The result is that we are better from the inside out.

The rest of this weeks posts will be about the steps necessary to “move forward”. Until then have a great day!

The Good Life Rules!

Bryan Dodge

The Rewards of Submission

This is perhaps one of the most challenging subject matters that I have ever written about. The reason I have not given up on addressing this subject is because I believe it is one of those “cutting edge” differences that separate success from failure and high achievers from average performers.

This subject is not a popular one, but I believe it is integral to one’s success. The reason it’s not popular is because it is a discipline. Every discipline has a corresponding freedom and benefit. The purpose of a discipline is the benefit. Our aim, e.g., freedom, assurance, or reward, is the benefit and not the discipline. The discipline is for realizing the greater good. This article is about submission. We don’t want to simply look at submission, but rather we want to realize the freedom or benefit it brings.

What freedom corresponds to submission? In my opinion, it is the ability to lay down the burden of always needing to get our own way. The obsession of demanding that we always get our way is one of the greatest hindrances in relationships. In the discipline of submission, we must release the matter from our own universe and forget about it. Frankly, most issues in life are not as big as they first appear in our psyche. We convince ourselves that a critical issue is at stake; usually it is not. This is what causes most “office politics” problems or hard feelings within an organization. Only in submission can we bring a self-serving spirit to a place where it no longer controls us. Only submission can free us sufficiently to enable us to distinguish between genuine issues and stubborn self- will.

Submission is an ethical theme. It is a position obligator that says: I value other people. I value my co-workers. I count others as good as or better than myself.

I hold others’ interests above my own. I always think well and highly of others. I look for the good in other people.

The real issue is the spirit of consideration and respect we have for each other.

By taking this approach, we enter into a new, wonderful, and glorious freedom – the freedom to give up our own rights for the good of others. For the first time, we can then accept people unconditionally. It means, we set ourselves free from the destructive anger and bitterness we feel when someone doesn’t act toward us the way we think they should. I once had a manager often encourage us to be cohesive when he was attempting to accomplish a team spirit around a project or deadline. I don’t know of a better way to gain cohesiveness than to practice the discipline of submission. The reward for good service, such as submitting to the needs of customers, will bring financial stability and longevity.

In conclusion, let me mention one more phenomenon that may be racing through your mind, and that is the matter of identity. Submission does not mean the loss of our identity, as one might think. The opposite is true; submission will exalt. Submission will catapult a person’s success faster than anything. An employee who serves well and submits to his employer will receive honors, favors, and promotions by that employer. A person who submits to a system will get promoted by that system. Submission, like all disciplines, will reward those who serve.

Frank Massine

Vice President, Dodge Development, Inc.

Why We Must Connect With Others

It is important to remember that we are human beings. And being human, it is important to realize that we are designed to connect with others. It is the separation of that design that removes the happiness and fulfillment that we all need. It is that connection that allows you to live The Good Life. It is not our calling to go about our lives focused only on what we do at work, and then try to fit our personal lives into the cracks of the day.

I truly have a passion for what I do, and I’m focused on my mission in life. I want to help build a better world by helping you build a better you, one person at a time. I want to THANK YOU for all that you have done to help me accomplish this goal. So many of you have supported me through all the years and you play an important role in my life. I’m very THANKFUL to have a special connection with you.

Our capacity for love, affection, warmth, and friendship are rich and reliable sources of human happiness. The key is to transform the “I” and “U” in our lives into “We.” Evolving our lives to a higher level allows us to cultivate a sense of belonging that brings rich rewards of human satisfaction, along with better physical, mental, and emotional health. The key is to connect with others.

Connecting with the human race helps to strengthen the wider community and is vital to building a better you.

The Good life Rules!

Bryan J. Dodge