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Make it a great day! You always have the choice when you realize you control your own destiny through the art of choosing to. #Quotes #BryanDodge

How to Deliver an Effective Presentation

How to Deliver an Effective Presentation
You have the opportunity to give a presentation and you are not sure how to start preparing for this event. First, get over the panic and just get started. Once you get the details arranged, the agenda established, and the participants assembled and waiting, what happens next? That’s right; you’re on! President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had some great advice for speakers and presenters: “Be sincere, be brief, and be seated!” I think you also need to prepare from the facts, and communicate from the heart. Everyone dreads bombing at the podium. The fear is understandable; for many leaders, their career advancement can be determined by their ability to speak and inspire an audience. The people you lead are watching, and it can be challenge, especially when you consider that you often have to address the same group week after week. The following are some excellent tips on speaking before an audience:
1.) Know what you are going to say and practice it until you are comfortable
2.) Research your material, and be prepared to answer.
3.) Include anecdotes and personal examples.
4.) Pause and take a breath before beginning.
5.) Don’t read your message; deliver it.
6.) It is almost impossible to talk too loudly, so make sure you use your voice to deliver the full impact of the message.
7.) Maintain eye contact; do not just look at your notes too often.
8.) Sit down when you are finished.
9.) Conviction and passion are powerful allies. If you believe the sincerity will come through.
10.) Be you! Don’t try and force an unnatural style that does not reflect your personality.
11.) Be brief and to the point. Nothing loses the attention of your audience like a speech that runs on and on unnecessarily.
12.) Use language the listeners will understand.
13.) Stay relaxed throughout the meeting.
14.) Lean into the audience when making key points. Your body language speaks louder than words.
15.) Be sure to talk with your team and not at them.
16.) Always expect the unexpected
17.) If you are nervous that’s good. That means you care.
18.) Prepare from the facts, and then communicate from your heart.
19.) Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.
20.) Finally, plan a powerful ending that includes an inspirational challenge.
Follow these tips and I am confident you will give an excellent presentation. If you are still nervous about getting up in front of a group, then I recommend that you join a group where you can practice. The Toastmasters International Organization would be an excellent resource. Remember, your ability to do what you fear most is the beginning of you being the captain of your own destiny.

Make it a great day!
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Bryan J. Dodge

What does your face say about you?

Living a better life both at work and at home starts with your ability to smile more often than not. Life is to short not to be happy, and way too long not to learn how to tell your face that. Whenever you get a grin on your face, your brain is releasing serotonin, the happy hormone. Smiling is the natural way to force your-self to be happy. Many people even smile for five minutes straight in the morning to get themselves in a great mood for the day. It is a very powerful tool that is utilized less and less as we grow older and need happiness more than ever. Just remember that while happiness leads to smiles, smiles also lead to a better you.

To keep that smile you must also learn to be unaffected by the words of others. Most people get very upset when they are called negative names by others; I use a simple trick to overcoming this. Here it is: If I went up to you and called you a dog, would you be upset? Of course not, obviously you are not a dog you are a human being. The same concept applies to when someone calls you something that you know you are not. They are foolish for saying such things, so why would you react with such anger? The only exception is when someone calls you something that is true! In this case, you should thank them for alerting you to a weakness, one that you can now work on changing. Good advice to building a better you.

Bryan Dodge – President
Dodge Development


“Obstacles seem to get in your way when you take your eyes off your goals.”
— Ron Reynolds
Author of The Gift a testament to the power of personal responsibility, self-discipline, and commitment in the pursuit of one’s purpose in life

I had Ron Reynolds on my radio show on Saturday, March 5th, and he emphasized that there are no ordinary moments in life. The bottom line is that you need to stop letting obstacles distract you from understanding the power of the moment. There are 1,440 minutes in each day and none of them are ordinary in spite of how we often treat each one. It is when you learn to embrace the moment, and put it to use in an intelligent fashion, that each moment can be the beginning point of a new and better conclusion. When we seize the moment, it changes our lives for the better, provided that this opportunity is filled with intense emotion and a resolute commitment towards a specific purpose.

As you reflect on today and yesterday (which also had 1,440 potential defining moments), what did you do with this extraordinary time in your life? Did any single moment in your life represent a new beginning or were they all a mere continuation of the same past attitudes and habits? How much time did you spend holding a personal pity party? How much of your life did you waste harboring destructive emotions about some person or circumstance? Did you focus on worrying, self-doubt, or guilt because of some past deed?

Life happens and the moments in our lives will pass regardless of what we choose to do with them. If you remain idle or in a “parked” position, the moments in your life will simply not matter. You’re the one who has to change and give life to the moment, or the moment will do nothing to change your life.

Today is now a new day and it is filled with another 1,440 “chances.” If you really want a better life, then take a whole new look at it and the opportunities that are before you. Why not make the choice to take the chance? Why not breathe life and substance into as many opportunities in this day as you can?

If you’ll take chances, make some changes, overcome challenges, and commit to making better choices, you’ll start the miracle process called “Building a Better You.” The key is that you just have to do it; nobody can do this for you. You have a choice – You can either use the vehicle that can help you make the most of the many moments that lie ahead of you. Or, you can let the passing moments be a little more than another “tick” of the clock that keeps score of your passing life.

The point I want you to remember is that there’s an innate tendency in all of us to “seize the moment” tomorrow, or after I get through what I’m doing, or at some other undefined point in the future. Let me say that with each passing year of your life {, by the way this is 525,600 minutes, (or moments) or 31,536,000 seconds} the level of your desire, expectations, and most importantly, your energy, will diminish. At some point in your life, change and commitment won’t seem to matter anymore. You’ll settle for what little your unseeded moments have given you.
When you waste time, you waste life. Don’t let time slip through your fingers. Do something that matters most in life before you find out the clock is ticking faster than you can catch up. If this happens, you’ve let too many important moments slither away. Always remember that there are enough moments to remind your-self that life is to short not to be happy, and too long not to do well. Thus, focus your life on being in the moment and always be where you are, when you are.

The Good Life Rules!

Bryan J. Dodge


Living Forward in Life

To live forward in life, you must be aware of how important it is to always put forth your best. It is clear to me that a major reason we find ourselves and our economy in a position that isn’t as strong as it should be is because too many Americans have not been putting forth their best effort for too long. This has caught up with us, both at work and at home. We must remember that our actions affect other peoples’ lives both positively and negatively. Your actions are a result of your thoughts and awareness each moment in the day.

It is through conscious awareness and clarity of thought that you find the inspiration to stand strong. If you are not paying attention, you can get side-tracked by others’ emotions and pulled into agreement with the illusions of other peoples’ beliefs. This can happen easily if your beliefs are not clear and strong. Limited beliefs can cause you to question your abilities and your worthiness. You must tap into the source of your own beliefs, strengths, and goals. By doing so, you produce the thoughts that move your life forward. This is how you defend yourself from the illusions in life that cause you to suffer. This process of confirming your beliefs has to be done more than once, because the illusion does not always take the same form, nor does it always have the same story attached to it. When you are consciously aware, you will make your choices from a stronger position in life, if you fall asleep at the wheel for an instant, you may get results you don’t want. Stay focused on the choices that are for the highest good, the ones that truly inspire your heart.

This will keep you living forward in a way that will attract positive momentum. Always remember; your belief is what embraces your heart, it may not be what others hold as their beliefs or truths. Your awareness is the window that allows you to see clearly. Always remember, “When you are where you are, be there.” This is what matters most in building a better you.

Your fan for life, Bryan J. Dodge