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Living Forward in Life

To live forward in life, you must be aware of how important it is to always put forth your best. It is clear to me that a major reason we find ourselves and our economy in a position that isn’t as strong as it should be is because too many Americans have not been putting forth their best effort for too long. This has caught up with us, both at work and at home. We must remember that our actions affect other peoples’ lives both positively and negatively. Your actions are a result of your thoughts and awareness each moment in the day.

It is through conscious awareness and clarity of thought that you find the inspiration to stand strong. If you are not paying attention, you can get side-tracked by others’ emotions and pulled into agreement with the illusions of other peoples’ beliefs. This can happen easily if your beliefs are not clear and strong. Limited beliefs can cause you to question your abilities and your worthiness. You must tap into the source of your own beliefs, strengths, and goals. By doing so, you produce the thoughts that move your life forward. This is how you defend yourself from the illusions in life that cause you to suffer. This process of confirming your beliefs has to be done more than once, because the illusion does not always take the same form, nor does it always have the same story attached to it. When you are consciously aware, you will make your choices from a stronger position in life, if you fall asleep at the wheel for an instant, you may get results you don’t want. Stay focused on the choices that are for the highest good, the ones that truly inspire your heart.

This will keep you living forward in a way that will attract positive momentum. Always remember; your belief is what embraces your heart, it may not be what others hold as their beliefs or truths. Your awareness is the window that allows you to see clearly. Always remember, “When you are where you are, be there.” This is what matters most in building a better you.

Your fan for life, Bryan J. Dodge


Many times in life, we fall prey to holding on to past regret, sorrow, disappointment, bitterness, and guilt. It doesn’t make us feel good when we ponder these past indiscretions, but we can’t seem to let them go. I discussed this topic in last month’s e- Zine. The key ingredient to living a better life is to ―let it go and learn to laugh sooner. The feedback I received from this statement was about what you would expect. How could anyone let the past go that easily or even begin to laugh when the hurt was so devastating to begin with? The best way for me to answer that question is to inspire you to choose to live your life from this day forward by changing the way you think.

Nothing changes in life until you change. The change starts when you transform from a reactive state to a life of hope for tomorrow. It is easier to hate than to love if you haven’t learned the art of forgiveness. How can anyone move forward if they are stuck in the past? Alexander Pope, in ― An Essay on Criticism writes, “To err is human, to forgive divine.” We all make mistakes. You must understand that not only are you human, but other people are human, too. Be a student of the truth in life. Any religious philosophy that preaches forgiveness also speaks about loving your neighbor. We don’t have to like what they do. The simple truth is those that forgive first live a better life sooner because they can move forward with their dreams. Forgiveness, however, can be a problem for many people simply because they are not clear about what forgiveness really is.

The simple definition of forgiveness is the refusal to hurt the one who hurt you. This ―refusal to hurt‖ can take many forms, depending on the circumstances, and it encompasses everything from the refusal to ―get even with‖ others, to the refusal to prove to others—with arguments, protest, violence, or even self-sabotage—how important it is that you are right and the other person is wrong. Common sense will tell you that focusing your brainpower on living forward is to understand that forgiveness, by itself, is psychologically preferable to holding a grudge. Bitterness works like a mental poison that doesn’t hurt anyone but you. Seeking revenge or wishing harm to another will, at the minimum, deplete your strength and prevent your wounds from healing. In the worst case, the hunger for revenge will make you into a victimizer yourself. Lacking forgiveness, you both will be locked together in living a life of revenge.

It’s really hard to find a better you, when you are focused on revenge. So even though someone hurts you and refuses to apologize, and even if this means that the relationship cannot be repaired, you can still offer forgiveness—for the sake of choosing to live a better life, by choosing to live forward each day of your life and not allowing yesterday’s mistakes to take away tomorrow’s opportunities. Try spending your time on what you can change. This was President Kennedy’s philosophy and I think you would agree he was a smart man. After a recent program, a gentleman came up to me, said that he was not very happy with himself, and asked if I had any recommendations. I told him not to stay that way very long. I reminded him that life is too short not to be happy. That’s common sense thinking, isn’t it? That, my friends, is good old common sense, and some really good critical thinking on your part.

Join me each Saturday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm on WBAP 820 AM and 96.7 FM for my live broadcast radio show which covers topics like these in greater detail. You can also listen to any of my shows by going to www.bryandodge.com and clicking on the Radio tab. I am now completing my 4th year on radio, and the numbers continue to grow beyond all of my expectations. I thank you for listening when you can, and the suggestions that you make help the ―Building A Better You hour grow tremendously. We can make a difference in America, so let’s put for our best foot forward each day. Forgiveness will allow you to do just that.

Living forward in life begins with complete forgiveness.

Bryan J. Dodge

Then here is the first of eight steps you must take in my new program called Living Forward in Life. Learn to laugh sooner; laugh about your mistakes in life. Learn from your mistakes. When you can say to your friends ―Do you remember when… and everybody laughs and it‘s okay, then you are able to move forward. The key is to not wait for months or years or even a lifetime before you arrive at that point. Move the laughter forward and your life will move forward in a very positive way. Just let it go and set yourself free to experience the true abundance that was meant for you. That is my goal: to help you build a better you, one day at a time.

The Good Life Rules!

Bryan Dodge

I speak to many executives from a variety of corporations every year and the resounding question that is posed to me is, ― If I am doing everything to be successful why am I still struggling to capture the happiness that comes with success? Many times in life, we fall prey to holding on to past regret, sorrow, disappointments, bitterness, and guilt. It doesn‘t make us feel good when we ponder these past indiscretions, but we can‘t seem to let them go. It hasn‘t helped us see tomorrow any better either, especially when we seem to be focusing on what happened to us yesterday. If only yesterday was the biggest problem.

I believe it‘s more like weeks, months, or even years past that build up too many negative thoughts, weighing people down with these regretful moments. They continue to pop up when you least expect them—times when you should be enjoying life. We push our lives into those negative places and we then find our emotional bucket being poured out. It creates a black hole deep inside us. It can get worse, though. This hole develops teeth that make the fall have a real bite, resulting in scars that can become infected if left unhealed.

To be continued …

The Good Life Rules!

Bryan Dodge