Personal Growth and Development

As individuals, we have the incredible power to decide that we are, in fact, good enough. Good enough as a friend. Good enough as a spouse. Good enough as a manager, salesperson, entrepreneur. But the majority of us spend copious amounts of time comparing ourselves to other people’s standards, other people’s goals and dreams. Then, it becomes easy to think we aren’t good enough. That kind of thinking will get you into trouble. Let’s start at the beginning. God made us all individuals; no two of us are alike. We might be similar, but not exactly alike. You are unique. Therefore, set your own standards, goals and dreams. This is the beginning of getting beyond good enough. Build a Better You!

Most of us have some bad habits or patterns that need adjusting in order to reach our desired personal best. And, yes, change is part of the improvement to ‘Building a Better You.’ It takes courage to change life habits to which you’ve been accustomed. Maybe you have lost your courage to change. How do you get your swagger back, otherwise known as your confidence or courage? First, start with dissolving one really misunderstood myth in life. This self-limiting belief is the beginning of a ‘lesser you,’ and it affects all of the others: I’m not good enough. This is clearly the ‘bullet’ that is used by others (and accepted by you) to shoot down your purpose in life. This is the basic premise that causes feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. We accept that other people are better than we are just because, at the moment, they are doing better. We feel that they must be worth more than us. Therefore, we must be worth less. This feeling of inadequacy can become planted deep within your mind. Always remember, what is seeded in the mind, will take place in time, which results in selling yourself short in the game of life. You settle for less than you are truly capable of. Rather than fail at a new goal, you don’t even set to achieve it in the first place.

The first step that must be taken to ‘lean forward’ towards the Good Life is to remind yourself that, not only are you good enough, but you have the ability to be excellent in any area that is important to you. It is your ability to have the courage to make the change. For those of you who’ve ever played golf, you can relate to this example. When you first start playing, the game of golf can be humbling! But then, you have that shot. You know; the shot that gives you that peek into your potential. To find a better you, you must find a different way of thinking than ‘I’m not good enough.’ First, go out in life and take some BIG swings, and never stop swinging. Yes, practice makes perfect! If you do that (decide to improve, practice, train, and rehearse), life will reward you with some of those peaks into your true potential that lie within each and every one of us. I mean everyone. It’s like golf. When you stop swinging in life, you take away what is needed to find the courage to accept that ‘you’re not good enough’ is just a myth. It should never find its way back into your personal beliefs ever again. And I mean, never again.

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Warmest wishes to all of you,
Bryan J. Dodge


“Obstacles seem to get in your way when you take your eyes off your goals.”
— Ron Reynolds
Author of The Gift a testament to the power of personal responsibility, self-discipline, and commitment in the pursuit of one’s purpose in life

I had Ron Reynolds on my radio show on Saturday, March 5th, and he emphasized that there are no ordinary moments in life. The bottom line is that you need to stop letting obstacles distract you from understanding the power of the moment. There are 1,440 minutes in each day and none of them are ordinary in spite of how we often treat each one. It is when you learn to embrace the moment, and put it to use in an intelligent fashion, that each moment can be the beginning point of a new and better conclusion. When we seize the moment, it changes our lives for the better, provided that this opportunity is filled with intense emotion and a resolute commitment towards a specific purpose.

As you reflect on today and yesterday (which also had 1,440 potential defining moments), what did you do with this extraordinary time in your life? Did any single moment in your life represent a new beginning or were they all a mere continuation of the same past attitudes and habits? How much time did you spend holding a personal pity party? How much of your life did you waste harboring destructive emotions about some person or circumstance? Did you focus on worrying, self-doubt, or guilt because of some past deed?

Life happens and the moments in our lives will pass regardless of what we choose to do with them. If you remain idle or in a “parked” position, the moments in your life will simply not matter. You’re the one who has to change and give life to the moment, or the moment will do nothing to change your life.

Today is now a new day and it is filled with another 1,440 “chances.” If you really want a better life, then take a whole new look at it and the opportunities that are before you. Why not make the choice to take the chance? Why not breathe life and substance into as many opportunities in this day as you can?

If you’ll take chances, make some changes, overcome challenges, and commit to making better choices, you’ll start the miracle process called “Building a Better You.” The key is that you just have to do it; nobody can do this for you. You have a choice – You can either use the vehicle that can help you make the most of the many moments that lie ahead of you. Or, you can let the passing moments be a little more than another “tick” of the clock that keeps score of your passing life.

The point I want you to remember is that there’s an innate tendency in all of us to “seize the moment” tomorrow, or after I get through what I’m doing, or at some other undefined point in the future. Let me say that with each passing year of your life {, by the way this is 525,600 minutes, (or moments) or 31,536,000 seconds} the level of your desire, expectations, and most importantly, your energy, will diminish. At some point in your life, change and commitment won’t seem to matter anymore. You’ll settle for what little your unseeded moments have given you.
When you waste time, you waste life. Don’t let time slip through your fingers. Do something that matters most in life before you find out the clock is ticking faster than you can catch up. If this happens, you’ve let too many important moments slither away. Always remember that there are enough moments to remind your-self that life is to short not to be happy, and too long not to do well. Thus, focus your life on being in the moment and always be where you are, when you are.

The Good Life Rules!

Bryan J. Dodge


Choose to Value Your Values!

The Important and Enduring Ideals

Take a minute out of your busy schedule and contemplate – What are the ideals that you value most in your life?  Put anyone in a crisis situation, and suddenly, all they value in life comes into hyper focus.  Do you value your job (and what the money earned can buy) over family, friends, or faith?  If you’re not careful, over time, you will take for granted what you value most and replace it with whatever you spend most of your time doing.  

Most importantly, you have to guard against losing the value of personal choice. We all have it, but seldom use it.  In the United States of America, we are granted freedom and have boundless opportunities.  Even in the reality of the present economic and political turbulence, there is opportunity to advance.  Other important values consist of love and friendship and the ability to find our talents, both learned and innate.

I want to remind you of the values that bring our life alive and not the circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment.  It is time to rediscover the true value that you were meant to bring to this world, the value that will leave ‘your footprint’ long after your time here on earth.  Think further with me, will you?  What happens when you focus on your values and then realize that they will be confronted with adverse circumstances?  Therein lays the human dilemma.  Those circumstances, combined with the passage of time, can diminish the worth of your values until you can no longer see them or remember they ever existed.

Over the years, I have seen it in the eyes of my programs’ attendees.  Time and distractions have stolen away the greatest of all values—it is your birthright—and that is, your child-like excitement to have faith, courage, and enthusiasm in yourself and in your future.  I have shared these three words with my team and audiences all over the country and world for over two decades.  You owned these three values in abundance as a child, but now, it is your focus on knowledge, prestige, and position that has taken away your greatest asset.  You find yourself anticipating failure rather than pursuing success.  You see rejection first, rather than respect.  Your negativity has resulted in an inability to achieve your goals and to develop your true dream in life.

It is important to remember that tomorrow will soon become today, and along with it, the chance that you might miss a new opportunity to see the values in life you possess.  Tomorrow gradually becomes our escape from today.  We say to ourselves, “I’ll start tomorrow” or “Things will be better tomorrow.”  However, something always seems to happen in the transition of tomorrow becoming today, and possibly even making yesterday forgotten.  If you can discipline yourself today, focus on what’s important, and pursue your personal plan to make tomorrow better, all of your values will come to fruition.  You will need this level of focus to produce the results you require for this moment in time.  It is not a gift; it is a responsibility.  It is not an entitlement; it is a choice.

 The Good Life Rules!

Bryan J. Dodge


When You Are Where You Are – Be There!

One morning, John, an ambitious climber of the corporate ladder, was about to leave for the office when he heard his wife yelling for him from the laundry room. Upon entering the laundry room, he saw that his wife was holding a towel over a broken water line, screaming, “Do something!” John ran outside to the water meter and turned the main valve off. He then went back in to look at the problem and saw that the pipe leading to the washing machine had burst. He had a big work load at the office, so he told his wife that she needed to call a plumber. She said no because the plumbing was his responsibility. He insisted that she take care of it and left a very angry wife dealing with a situation that he should have taken care of. As he drove to the office, he felt bad because he knew in his heart he did the wrong thing.

At the office later that morning, one of his business associates called from the country club and said that they needed one more person to complete a foursome and asked if he would join them at the club for an 11:00 tee time. He wanted to please his business buddy, so he left his work and headed for the club, knowing that he would be under pressure for not meeting his deadlines.

That day, John had one of the worst games that he had ever played. Why? Because his heart was back at home with his wife, his mind was back at the office worrying how he was going to get caught up, and his body was on the golf course. This was a case of not having it all together.

In this little story, I used a negative situation to call attention to the positive. To be productive in a situation, it is important to be engaged mentally, emotionally, and physically. So when you are somewhere, be there mind, soul, and body.

Law of Explosive Growth

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Running a business has always been part of my life. Being a businessman is just in my blood. When I first married, I joined an organization called Amway, a direct market sales organization. I saw the potential of building a great business with that organization. The business structure allowed you to recruit other people to sell products and you would make commissions off of them, and in turn they could recruit other people and you would make a commission off of their efforts and this continued for several more levels. So I got busy selling their unique cleaning products and recruiting people to sell for me. Although I made some extra spending money, and it was a good business experience, I never really made it big with Amway. The reason: I never applied the Law of Explosive Growth.

Everyone I recruited, including myself, was basically a follower. I did not understand the secret of the Law of Explosive Growth. The secret is recruiting leaders. When you recruit ten followers to your organization, you have the power of ten individuals. When you recruit ten leaders to your organization, you have the power of ten groups. It is the difference between addition and multiplication. The secret of applying the Law of Explosive Growth is in leadership.

No organization will rise above its leadership. You must first develop your leadership skills and then attract people who are at your level of leadership. Or better yet, attract people to your organization who have developed even better leadership skills than you. You will need people who have different leadership skills and abilities to head up different departments. All organizations need both leaders and followers.

It is important to learn to recognize people with leadership skills and potential. Leaders have a different focus and attitude. Leaders have a drive and want to succeed. They have a tendency to focus on the good and the strengths in every situation. They want to spend time with people who are making things happen. They see the value of other people. They are givers and are not afraid to share their authority and power. They see beyond where things are at. These are the people who will multiply your growth.

Frank Massine