When You Are Where You Are – Be There!

One morning, John, an ambitious climber of the corporate ladder, was about to leave for the office when he heard his wife yelling for him from the laundry room. Upon entering the laundry room, he saw that his wife was holding a towel over a broken water line, screaming, “Do something!” John ran outside to the water meter and turned the main valve off. He then went back in to look at the problem and saw that the pipe leading to the washing machine had burst. He had a big work load at the office, so he told his wife that she needed to call a plumber. She said no because the plumbing was his responsibility. He insisted that she take care of it and left a very angry wife dealing with a situation that he should have taken care of. As he drove to the office, he felt bad because he knew in his heart he did the wrong thing.

At the office later that morning, one of his business associates called from the country club and said that they needed one more person to complete a foursome and asked if he would join them at the club for an 11:00 tee time. He wanted to please his business buddy, so he left his work and headed for the club, knowing that he would be under pressure for not meeting his deadlines.

That day, John had one of the worst games that he had ever played. Why? Because his heart was back at home with his wife, his mind was back at the office worrying how he was going to get caught up, and his body was on the golf course. This was a case of not having it all together.

In this little story, I used a negative situation to call attention to the positive. To be productive in a situation, it is important to be engaged mentally, emotionally, and physically. So when you are somewhere, be there mind, soul, and body.

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  1. Very true, makes sense, at work wishing I was at my daughters basketball game, not being able to concentrate wishing I was their to support her and cheer her on! Grandma did enjoy it throughly though.

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